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Kundana Satya Third birthday

Here are the snaps of Kundana’s Third birthday.         Prahaldini   Not much photos were taken. The cell camera using is Sony Ericsson W8. Not a good camera phone. Not fit for photos. As this is walkman series should not expect good camera in phone. They for... [More]

Happy Sankranthi 2012.. సంక్రాంతి శుభాకాంక్షలు

ఇంటి వద్ద ముగ్గుల చిత్రపటములు       2012 కుందన, శ్రీ విజ్ఞ భోగి పళ్ళు ఉత్సవ చిత్రపటములు                    వీళ్ళని (పిల్లల ఫోటో లు చాలా కష్ఠము) ఒక్క నిమిషం కూడా తిన్నగా వుండరు మనం అడిగింది వాళ్ళు చెయ్యరు.   &... [More]

Deepavali photos - 2011

                  Deepavali 2011 photos at home vijayawada. Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 Good Camera phone with lousy Operating system (Windows)  

Independence day

Greetings to all on Independence day. Here is some information about India. Most of us know it.   National Animal of India Tiger is scientifically known as Panthera tigris. It is a member of the Felidae family and the largest of the four ‘big cats’ of the Panthera genus. On an average, ... [More]

Ban on Plastic usage

Right now many cities are banning usage of carry bags  which is good as plastic decomposes very lately. To reduce the plastic waste either they can be destroyed or recycled/reused.   What is Plastic Recycling? Plastic recycling is the process of recovering plastics and reprocessing th... [More]

Kundana Satya Second Birth day

Here are couple of photos of Kundana Satya Birthday. She was not feeling well for some time before birth day.   The below pictures are a day before birth day.           Below photo is taken at Jamalapuram Venkateswara Swami temple.   At home &#... [More]